Lane Scorecard

The Lane Scorecard app is totally different from bulk lane rate tools on the market. It has proprietary SONAR lane scoring, SONAR predictive rates and spark graphs that allow the user to more easily see past and forecast trends.

With Lane Scorecard, SONAR subscribers will receive near-time market intelligence to improve pre-RFP strategy analysis and to identify new market opportunities with little to no native, historical data.

The Lane Scorecard app is launched from SONAR’s main navigation panel. It can be enabled/ permissioned at the organization or user level. 

Users can select a time period for predictive rates from the drop-down menu, and whether or not they want to see high, median or low rates. Before users upload anything, Lane Scorecard will default to the top 20 lanes.


Market Intelligence

With SONAR’s Lane Scorecard app, users can see  “scores” on any given lane that was uploaded. 

Being able to upload 200 lanes at once will save you time and help you service your customers more effectively. Lane Scorecard gives you insights with market and lane scores. It has easily understood visuals that help you identify lanes that may be attractive or unattractive to your business. 

Lane Scorecard will help lower your risk and help you capitalize on opportunities that you may have been unaware of, providing data-driven preparation for service commitments.

Price freight with more intelligence.

Lane Scorecard shows you more than just a rate. It gives you insights into why that rate is what it is. With SONAR data and over 20 FreightWaves data scientists, you can feel confident that you are quoting an informed rate. 

Easily download the template and upload your lanes; Lane Scorecard will do the rest. You can feel comfortable that you will be servicing your customers with the most accurate information in the marketplace. 

Anyone who doesn’t have these insights will just be left behind.