Freight News


The SONAR RSS News Feed provides real-time news feeds from hundreds of business news sites, including many in transportation and logistics. Categories include: 

  • Transportation News
  • Financial News
  • Technology News
  • U.S. News
  • International News
  • Oil and Fuel News
  • International Freight News

The RSS news feed can be customized to present as a scrolling ticker or as a page with automatic updates.  Having SONAR RSS News Feed within SONAR gives you the opportunity to build custom dashboards dedicated to your specific business needs. 

The Social Media Flash feature is streamed from Twitter and is highly filtered from a list of 35,000 relevant accounts that tweet about business and transportation news. The user can sub-filter the content even further with: 

  • Pre-selected subjects
  • Custom accounts
  • 70 terms that are relevant for transportation and logistics 

Social media flash can also be put into scrolling ticker mode. Social media is a great avenue to get news fast, being able to display this within SONAR will only help your workflow be more efficient. Filter to your favorite news anchors Twitter feed and make sure you are always up to date! 

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