Freight Market Research

Transportation market research offerings include: 

  • Daily Watch: An email sent each morning that summarizes relevant activity across a growing list of industry segments (including air, ocean and rail/intermodal cargo in various markets, and the economy), daily playbooks for trucking that are specific to brokers, carriers and shippers, information on oil and retail diesel markets, and much more. 
  • The Week Ahead: A summary of what participants should watch in the week ahead that could impact freight.
  • Deep Dive: In-depth weekly white papers from our Market Experts that go deep into a specific freight-related topic. 
  • Monthly Market Update: A monthly deep economic market analysis that provides an overview of key drivers and risks in the freight economy, written by our team of Market Experts and economists.
  • Passport Research: These are weekly reports that describe the state of various markets, derived from interviews with market participants (3PLs, carriers and shippers). The summaries are quick hits on the freight market, driven from data insights and reinforced by commentary from participants. 
  • FreightIntel Research: Industry participants used to receive all of their proprietary research from Wall Street analysts. As banks/investment firms continue to lay off personnel from their research departments, a huge hole is left in the market. Coupled with an industry that’s constantly changing, it can be hard for anyone to have a deep understanding of what’s really going on. The FreightIntel Research team is made up of former buy- and sell-side analysts who write long-form deep dive research pieces on what is happening and could happen in the freight market. Topics range from the impact of Amazon on freight brokerage, valuations of digital brokerages, to discussions about the freight cycle. The FreightIntel team publishes four new research pieces per month.
Market Insight and Research
White Papers
November 1, 2023

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August 3, 2023

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July 20, 2023

Navigating the Yellow Corp. Crisis: Implications and Strategies for LTL Shippers