Broker Benchmarking in SONAR

Broker Benchmarking

Throwing darts will never get you the results you want. Measure the success and performance of your company against your cohorts in the freight industry. Broker Benchmarking, a newer app in SONAR, gives you the unique opportunity to create custom KPIs using proprietary market insights and data from your competitors. 

Broker Benchmarking was built on data and integrity to bring transparency to the freight market.

We provide hundreds of custom performance indicators including:

  • Loads booked per carrier per month
  • Loads booked per day
  • Loads booked per Front of House per day
  • Average margin % per load
  • Gross margin per load 
  • Gross margin per day
  • Gross margin per broker
  • Gross margin per sales staff
  • Revenue per load
  • Revenue per broker
  • Revenue per staff
  • Negative margin %
    Concentrated carrier %
  • Active customer %
  • Active carrier %
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Competitive Data

Each company that participates must provide data to gain access to the associated freight benchmarks and compare your operational performance to that of your competitors. Participating in Broker Benchmarking is completely secure; all participants are anonymized at the database level, and there is no interfacing to differentiate one participant from another.

Revenue Opportunities

By benchmarking important KPIs, you will drive success across all departments. Whether you're budgeting, creating sales strategies or improving individual performance, our data points give you actionable, easy-to-read insights. 

The dashboard is comprised of pricing gauges based on unique KPIs that you choose. These gauges show actual numbers based on SONAR's market data and the data of your competitors. Select any gauge to unlock the historic data of that index. With a minimum of 5 participants per index, your market insights are more accurate than ever before.

Exclusive Connections

Not only will you gain access to your competitors’ data, you'll have exclusive networking and learning opportunities with FreightWaves. This includes quarterly discussions and meetups at live events starting in the fall. 

Meet your cohorts while attending the most innovative logistics, technology and networking event of the year!

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