Diesel Fuel Price Rates

Screenshot of a SONAR dashboard displaying Diesel Truck Stop Actual Price per Gallon

Diesel Fuel Price Rates & Trends Find out the average market rate and average diesel fuel costs on your most important lanes. Fuel rates let you optimize carrier costs and spot cost-savings opportunities on key routes. Get insight into diesel fuel price trends across major transportation lanes by evaluating the average fuel cost rate per […]

FreightWaves TRAC Spot Rates

Minimize risk, maximize margin with the most transparent, consistent, and reliable spot market data Access FreightWaves Trusted Rate Assessment Consortium (TRAC) for more accurate information on volatility, rates, and capacity to improve your margins and better contract negotiation. FreightWaves Trusted Rate Assessment Consortium (TRAC) FreightWaves Trusted Rate Assessment Consortium (TRAC) spot rates can be used […]


Optimize your transportation performance with superior insights & supply chain intelligence Sophisticated but simple, SONAR SCI empowers its users with actionable, high-frequency data, insights, and intelligence to save money, make proactive decisions, and increase efficiency among teams. SONAR Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) SONAR Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) is a groundbreaking data and analytics platform that […]

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