Predictive Freight Rates

Predictive Freight Rates Know where freight rates will head in the future. SONAR’s predictive freight rate tool uses market data and artificial intelligence to forecast spot rates for today, next week, next month, next quarter, six months and a year from now. The predictive trucking rates widget calculates mileage and shows a total with or […]

Diesel Fuel Price Rates

Diesel Fuel Price Rates Find out the average market rate and average fuel cost on your most important lanes. Fuel rates let you optimize carrier costs and spot cost-savings opportunities on key routes. Get insight into diesel fuel prices across major transportation lanes by evaluating the average fuel cost rate per mile in SONAR SCI. […]

Lane Scorecard


Lane Scorecard The Lane Scorecard app is totally different from bulk lane rate tools on the market. It has proprietary SONAR lane scoring, SONAR predictive rates and spark graphs that allow the user to more easily see past and forecast trends. With Lane Scorecard, SONAR subscribers will receive near-time market intelligence to improve pre-RFP strategy […]