FreightWaves TRAC Spot Rates

Minimize risk, maximize margin with the most transparent, consistent, and reliable spot market data Access FreightWaves Trusted Rate Assessment Consortium (TRAC) for more accurate information on volatility, rates, and capacity to improve your margins and better contract negotiation. FreightWaves Trusted Rate Assessment Consortium (TRAC) FreightWaves Trusted Rate Assessment Consortium (TRAC) spot rates can be used […]


Detention Wait Times

Watchlists SONAR watchlists include six different watchlist types. Each variety gives you a unique perspective to monitor the freight markets. With the ability to select a specific type, group, sample or limited index to monitor, you gain quick insights into market conditions affecting your business. Each watchlist type, listed below, has special features that allow […]

SONAR Container Atlas

Multidimensional ocean freight market data from key industry providers Navigate ahead of supply and demand dynamics in ocean markets with the Container Atlas dashboard, available only in SONAR.  SONAR Container Atlas SONAR Container Atlas empowers transportation teams to gauge risk, manage fluctuations, and pinpoint cost-savings opportunities. Benchmark your current performance and costs against the market, […]

Ocean Shipments Report

Ocean Shipments Report Users have the ability to see how much freight will be coming into specific ports before anyone else. This is the first time this information is readily available and easily digested. Download One Sheet Proprietary Ocean Data Be the first to know what is going to happen in the freight market. Not […]

SONAR Signals Open API

SONAR Signals

SONAR Signals Open API A process so simple, everyone should be doing it. SONAR Signals are bringing the intel of SONAR directly to your commercial software or tender management system for faster, easier decision making within your organization or customer. Free to use through third party developers, SONAR Signals Open API is the easiest way […]


Optimize your transportation performance with superior insights & supply chain intelligence Sophisticated but simple, SONAR SCI empowers its users with actionable, high-frequency data, insights, and intelligence to save money, make proactive decisions, and increase efficiency among teams. SONAR Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) SONAR Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) is a groundbreaking data and analytics platform that […]

Freight Market Research

Market Insight and Research

Freight Market Research Transportation market research offerings include:  Daily Watch: An email sent each morning that summarizes relevant activity across a growing list of industry segments (including air, ocean and rail/intermodal cargo in various markets, and the economy), daily playbooks for trucking that are specific to brokers, carriers and shippers, information on oil and retail diesel […]


ULSD Rack Price

Freight Analytics Charts Freight analytics charts are the most powerful feature leveraged in SONAR. They’re not only the easiest way to see how freight data tracks over time – they provide a comprehensive set of tools for in-depth analytics, trending and detailed reporting. The 3D view of data presented in our freight analytics charts allows you […]

Freight Analytics 3D Maps

3D Maps in SONAR

Freight Analytics 3D Maps The Heat Map feature gives you an overview of market conditions across the U.S. The ability to paint the map with SONAR indices gives you a quick and easy visual to prioritize actions based on a real-time comparison of specific market conditions. From truckload tender rejections to intermodal box movement by size […]

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