How a CPG shipper stayed out of the spot market and achieved a 20x ROI

Tricky freight, short lead times, and inflexible delivery windows meant that one consumer packaged goods shipper was punished when its core carriers fell off, and it had to put its freight into the spot market. By raising contract rates in certain volatile key lanes identified by FreightWaves Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI), the same shipper slashed its spot market exposure in half and cut its truckload spend by 10% on the lanes it put out to bid.

Download the case study and discover how:

  • SONAR SCI helped identify the highest-spend lanes across the company’s network
  • Generated a 10% savings in transportation spend
  • Cut overall exposure to the spot market roughly in half, from 20% to 11%
  • Savings on the 95 lanes generated an approximately 20x return on investment (ROI)
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