Desirable Logistics Success Story

Desirable Logistics has seen significant growth over the past few years and needed market intelligence to help inform its strategy and ensure they were providing customers with the most accurate freight data possible. Read more about how Desirable Logistics leveraged SONAR data to help the company grow, scale and win business against some of the […]

Bettaway Success Story

To maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly complex logistics landscape, Bettaway recognized the need to adopt more sophisticated data analytics tools to drive more competitive decision making. A seasoned supply chain player with more than 60 years of experience, Bettaway offers a suite of services that span transportation, warehousing, pallet management and supply chain […]

SONAR Data Integrations Support Automation at Hubtek and Trucker Tools

Logistics technology has evolved significantly in the past 10 years, putting an increasing emphasis on workflow and process automation. The data that feeds the decision logics and algorithms in modern logistics platforms has also had to evolve: It’s become richer and more contextualized. Take the example of trucking spot rate data: A decade ago, an […]

Using SCI To Evaluate The Efficacy Of Transportation Spend

Find out how CPG companies can apply SONAR Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) Platform to their business.  SONAR SCI is an expansion of the SONAR platform, the only freight forecasting platform. SONAR SCI subscribers have access to $80 billion of shipper-to-carrier freight spend. These invoices are submitted every evening and include what shippers actually pay carriers, […]

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