Talon Logistics Applies FreightWaves SONAR Insights To Thrive Through Disruption


Crossing lines between an asset-based and non-asset-based third-party logistics provider (3PL), the Talon Logistics network is continuously looking for new ways to expand operational excellence. And in the wake of COVID-19, Brandon Briscoe, President of Talon Logistics, knew he needed to find a viable, effective way to tap market data quickly.

However, the irony lies in the fact that COVID-19 shutdowns afforded Briscoe the opportunity to dig deeper into FreightWaves SONAR and how it could augment Talon Logistics’ existing freight rating tools. And now, the company applies SONAR data daily to inform team members and provide better service levels. In fact, SONAR has become essential to the company; addressing the business challenges Talon Logistics faces, enabling the company to keep its customers, and powering it for future growth.

Talon Logistics has been able to increase the quality of its customer interactions because of SONAR. By becoming a strategic partner, Talon Logistics has dramatically increased customer service levels and its employees are more informed across operations. Talon Logistics is poised for continued growth because its frontline workers have more access and prescriptive insight. Moreover, there have been significant savings realized through the introduction of SONAR into Talon Logistics workflows, including:

  • A 5% growth rate among existing shipper customers
  • Executing 10% more loads annually
  • Increased turnaround on shipments by 4%
  • An increase of 3% in asset utilization

“In the past, we used DAT, Rand McNally with PC Miler, and Truckstop.com. And we would usually take between three and 12 months to purchase new software or a more useful tool. When COVID-19 impacted the world, I knew it was time for a product and looked at the full value of SONAR. And time was of the
essence. What I found was remarkable.”

Brandon Briscoe
President of Talon Logistics

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What's the SONAR ROI?

By increasing the number of loaded miles per day your drivers drive by 1% and your rate per mile by $0.03 you will make more per week #WithSONAR.

#WithSONAR you can save up to per week through better bid negotiations and more effective management of your routing guide.

#WithSonar you can add 1 more load per person each day and increase $5 margin per load, earning your company an extra per week.

Disclaimer: Every company’s circumstances are unique. Fixed and variable expenses, market conditions and operational factors vary. Unforeseen events may also affect results. Calculated potential results reflect the consensus expectation of FreightWaves’ experts. Actual results may vary.

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