How Edge Logistics Uses FreightWaves SONAR As The Backbone For Growth


“Edge Logistics is all about data, so we use everything we can find. My career has been very IT-centric. That’s how I learned to be a broker, and that was how we got started back in 2010/2011. And using technology is the way that we built the company. In addition to our own proprietary technology, we use anything and everything in the market that will help us do our jobs better. We’re trying to give carriers more access and more visibility than traditional brokerages.” – Will Kerr, Edge Logistics CEO

Because the company is technology-focused, it uses a variety of services to augment its in-house tech stack including FreightWaves SONAR. Kerr pointed out that Edge built and implemented internal rating models based on Edge Logistics’ customer experiences. The company uses them with customers externally through its Spot the Robot API, and with carriers though Capacity.

SONAR benefits at Edge Logistics

Kerr noted that most brokerages are similar in many ways. “We all have similar rates and use the same carriers, but Edge wins bids and business by knowing the REAL market rates and how to apply them for customers. In terms of bids and high volumes, much of what we do is driven by SONAR.”

Gaining access to marketwide and granular data affords significant opportunities to Edge Logistics including:

  • To gain operational insight into what is going on now in the freight market.
  • To give Edge Logistics a competitive advantage and help them make smart decisions and provide sound analysis to their customers 
  • How SONAR teaches young brokers how to think more strategically and to speed the learning curve in rep development
  • To identify employees who are ‘into the business’ and WANT to get better.
  • To gain freight market knowledge because they have access to both SONAR and content.
  • Provide visuals that help Edge Logistics brokers better understand the market and build on the “tribal knowledge” concepts the company has been teaching for years. SONAR is a powerful validating tool that allows Edge Logistics to drive home these high-level concepts.

SONAR helps employee morale – they have the real vision of the freight market they can rely on. Knowledge is power and if you want to empower employees to be smarter, you have to give them something to consume. At Edge Logistics, that something is SONAR! Edge Logistics is aligned with FreightWaves in general and SONAR in particular. It’s been very good for us so far.

will headshot 2
Will Kerr
CEO, Edge Logistics

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What's the SONAR ROI?

By increasing the number of loaded miles per day your drivers drive by 1% and your rate per mile by $0.03 you will make more per week #WithSONAR.

#WithSONAR you can save up to per week through better bid negotiations and more effective management of your routing guide.

#WithSonar you can add 1 more load per person each day and increase $5 margin per load, earning your company an extra per week.

Disclaimer: Every company’s circumstances are unique. Fixed and variable expenses, market conditions and operational factors vary. Unforeseen events may also affect results. Calculated potential results reflect the consensus expectation of FreightWaves’ experts. Actual results may vary.

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