Utilize SONAR’s high-frequency data to understand market conditions and trends.

Take decisive action ahead of your competitors.

Gain insights into the health of the freight market with the most powerful analytics tool available. SONAR offers over 150,000 data points covering the domestic and global market.

You’ll have access to volumes, lane spot rates, marketshare, truck orders, operating margins, port wait times and MUCH more, all broken down into hundreds of granularities in 135 markets and top 100 lanes.

You’ll also have access to SONAR’s Predictive Freight Rate tool. SONAR’s predictive freight rate tool uses market data and artificial intelligence to forecast spot rates for today, next week, next month, next quarter, six months from now or next year. The predictive trucking rates widget calculates the mileage and shows a total with or without fuel surcharge.

SONAR offers the most powerful analytics tools in the industry, including 3D maps, charts and custom dashboards. We offer everything you need to be proactive in an industry that is constantly changing.

Stay ahead of your competitors with data-driven market analytics. SONAR offers a variety of easy to use features and views in Lane Signal. Raw data, quick commentary and interactive charts – everything you need to analyze the freight market.


Stop throwing darts and use SONAR’s vast array of analytics tools and comprehesnsive freight market data to understand which markets are heating up or cooling down.



Make faster decisions that positively affect your bottom line through deep understanding of current and trending market conditions.



Dissect freight market conditions and gain actionable insights that drive down costs and improve efficiencies.



SONAR provides global trade and cross-border freight market data and analytics, giving users a mode-agnostic view of the international freight market.